Australian Cuisine | Oroton Picnic

Words by Natasha Inchley
Photographed by Adam Gibson
Videography by Joshua Lamont

A picnic in the wilds was the romantic subplot when Oroton hosted its blissed-out lunch by the waters of Lake St Clair in Tasmania.

The lunch setting to celebrate Oroton’s new-season collection couldn’t be more spectacular – Pumphouse Point, a dramatically reinvented boutique hotel and heritage landmark located at the end of the wharf on Lake St Clair is the backdrop. There are snowcapped mountains, a long table on the lawn, the fire pits are burning, and we are worlds away from anywhere, and yet we are not.

The menu for the day was designed by Adam James, chef and founder of Rough Rice fermentary and included exquisitely rich and fresh seasonal produce, sourced from the surrounding organic farms, showcasing the best Tasmania has to offer.

James confesses: “I wanted the very best of Autumn’s bounty – all sourced from Tasmania’s small local organic farms and when I couldn’t get any spectacular seafood due to the rough weather and the fact that no local fisherman were going out, I had no choice but to put the wetsuit on and dive for abalone and sea urchin myself.”

“Tasmania is my happy place. I believe we have access to some of the best produce anywhere in the world. Clean air, clean water and passionate people see to this”, says James.