Ethical Australian clothing and luxury goods start with the right knowledge. We take care to know where our products start and finish, along the supply chain. In our 80-year history, we’ve worked with the same group of suppliers for 30 years. We’ve nurtured these long-term relationships to ensure we know where they get their product from – and we accept only the best. Our suppliers understand our commitment to sustainable clothing and accessories and work with us to deliver responsible products. From reduced packaging to improved practices, we’re innovating to improve the sustainability of our products.


To ensure our suppliers and tanneries use best practice, we keep up to date with the latest global technologies and policies. We also require regular testing, auditing and certification by all suppliers to ensure transparency.

And we’re reducing the impact of our packaging – using recycled, green materials and minimising waste. It’s end-to-end sustainability in fashion.


Oroton have introduced responsible packaging practices to minimise waste and our environmental impact. We’re reducing the amount of packing paper that is used during transit and now use recycled packing paper and cartons. In-store, the swing tags and retail carry bags are made from 100% recycled materials, and chemical free, water soluble dyes. Oroton carry bags are recyclable Poly bags.


As a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), Oroton is committed to the Covenant’s goals and targets, and to making a difference to minimise the environmental impacts of packaging. We are currently compiling plastic and paper consumption information using the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) platform.

APCO Compliance 2019 Annual Report & Action Plan


Recycled Leather

Oroton is synonymous with craftsmanship. We’re committed to maintaining the premium quality of our products while improving their sustainability. A new collection, to be launched in November, takes exciting new steps in our sustainable leather offering.


Tech Innovation

We have partnered with technical innovators to introduce an exciting new sustainable fabrication, launching in 2021.

Sustainable Clothing Australia - Oroton