10 Questions with Ally May Carey



10 Questions with Ally May Carey


Photographer, writer, graphic designer and influencer Ally May Carey sits down with Oroton to discuss how she keeps motivated within her daily routine.

1. In your own words describe what you do?

I am a wearer of many hats! Creative direction, writing, photography and I am currently studying graphic design at Billy Blue.

I am a creative — when I am creating, making or producing, that ignites me. I love everything from photography, knitting, painting, to creating digital art and writing.


2. What's your favourite everyday ritual?

I love waking up and doing a workout. It sets me up for the day. It clears my mind and helps me have structure.

3. How do you stay fit and healthy?

I love cooking — it’s such a passion of mine. Creating new recipes with healthy food has been a way I unwind for years.

I also do F45 for strength training with my partner and Pilates by myself for some me time. I find Pilates gives me an opportunity to tune into my body and thoughts (and it really does work your muscles!).


4. What goals do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

I want to maintain my fitness for my mental health, do well in my subjects at university, push myself creatively and make sure I do all the things I have wanted to do but have put off. This year is all about completion and maintaining.

5. Any quotes you love?

“Self love forces you to change while fear begs you to stay the same.”

— Ebonee Davis


6. What's your favourite Oroton piece this season?

I love the Oroton Knit Dress in Cognac, it is so flattering. It is a staple knit piece everyone needs for the cooler season. I also like to style it with the Oroton Maple Bucket in Bone.

7. What are you streaming right now?

I’m on the last few episodes of Outlander. A little late to the party but I’m hooked on it.


8. Do you collect anything?

I collect old National Geographic magazines, vintage homewares and a little book of memories too.


9. When we can all travel again, where will your next holiday be?

I would love to do an overseas trip to the pacific islands for a bit of R&R. I also want to travel domestically to Queensland to see my girlfriends who have just had babies.


10. What's in your bag right now?

My Oroton Willow Mini Book Wallet, airpods, Chanel handcream and lipstick, hairclip and small notebook.

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