Guide to London With Candice Lake



Words and interview by Natasha Inchley

Candice Lake, the London-based Australian photographer, blogger and model, is something of an expert when it comes to navigating a new season – and indeed, a city – in style. In this interview, the mother of two takes us on an insider’s tour of London with her new
Signet Tote on hand.

NI: As an Australian now living in London, what is the one thing you love most about this city?
CL:“I love the kinetic nature of London and how it doesn't show itself too openly. It’s like an artichoke – you have to peel back a few layers to really get to the heart of it, and once you do then you’re hooked.”

NI: And any tips for touring the city like a native?
CL:“Walk, take the bus or Tube, look up, not at your phone. Stroll the streets, get lost, and when you want help, ask a Londoner for directions – you never know where you may end up.”

NI: Please share your definitive guide to London, CL:
• Visit the Wolseley for Lunch – it’s such a chic location and my favourite place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• Maltby Street Markets – the most wonderful Saturday morning food market with antiques and music.

• Hampstead Heath ponds for swimming in summer. It is my absolute favourite swimming spot in London, quite a wild swimming spot, tucked away in the middle of the heath.

• The Wallace Collection, once a privately-owned home and art collection, is now a public gallery and free. It also has a lovely atrium to take tea in.

• Hertford Street for cocktails.

NI: How does a typical day for you begin – what is your morning ritual?
CL:“My children get up at 5:30am – every single day. So my morning starts with coffee made by my wonderful husband, whom I suspect is a frustrated barista. We’ve started doing yoga in the morning at home and our kids sometime do it alongside us, which is quite fun and rather hilarious. We also listen to a live stream of Australian birds in the bush until about 7:30am every day and then we switch to anything from James Taylor to The Cure. As they get up so early, it means we get almost four hours in the morning together, which we all love. ”

NI: Tell us how you put your look together in the morning – are you thinking about fashion or rather the day’s tasks ahead?
CL:“No day is ever the same for me, I may be in the office, shooting or taking meetings so my look has evolved into a classic, functional style that is a little offbeat. I am also not averse to bold pops of colour, which is why I love the Signet Tote so much! I love this oversized Roksanda suit with these rainbow trainers. My weakness is coats and I adore a classic trench such as this Burberry one, with bright pink lining and huge gold buttons – it’s classic and just a little off-beat! I love to mix big jewellery with a cropped cashmere jumper and high-waisted denim wash jeans – finished with a fun pair of shoes. Shoes are my big point – if I can’t walk around in them for a few hours, I don’t wear them in the day.”

NI: The Signet Tote is so roomy – can you itemise the inside contents of your bag, and share what you never leave home without?
CL:“I love this bag because of all the things I can fit inside it – whilst not looking like a bag lady! I never leave home without my phone and charger, my laptop is usually with me – which is another reason why this tote is so practical – also water, tubes of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment that I bring back in bulk from Australia after every trip, my wallet, some toy cars and kids socks. Tomorrow I am going to Paris for a shoot and I will use this tote to carry my camera and laptop for a shoot along with a small overnight bag, it is the perfect travel companion.”

NI: Has motherhood influenced your style?
CL:“I’m much more relaxed and confident in my skin now that I am a mother, and I think this is reflected in my style. I want to wear things that are easy to bend down in, shoes I can run in – everything is functional yet still stylish. My style was always quite bold and bright which hasn’t changed, although now I’m quite practical, which is obviously a requirement with kids. One thing I can’t let go of is wearing white – I still wear a lot of white. If anything, when I get dressed up in the evening, I really get dressed up, day and evening dressing doesn’t merge as much anymore.”

NI: When time permits, how do you treat yourself at the end of a busy week?
CL:“I have become quite addicted to a massage and a steam. It is really the most indulgent treat. I do it every couple of months and it is the absolute best treat I give myself. I’ve also started doing my own face masks, which my children think are hilarious, seeing mummy turn into a ghost.”

NI: And how do you like to end your day? What is your nighttime routine?
CL:“Once we put the children to bed, we love to sit down have a glass of wine and chat about our day or watch a movie. To be honest, I try to be in bed quite early these days due to the early wake up time.”

NI: How do you love to spend a typical weekend as a family?
CL:“Both Olympia and Arden have started doing soccer on Saturday mornings, and after their class we love to go and have coffee and croissants, then head to the park or a gallery such as the Tate Modern. On Sundays, we get up before the city and head to one of the many forests in London, get lost in Hamstead heath, or ride bikes around the city before everyone wakes up. As long as we are all together and outside it’s a great day.”

NI: Lastly, happiness is …
CL:“With my loves, laying under a tree, telling stories to each other. Heaven!”