Hiking in the Highlands | Travel Bags | Oroton


Discover the idyllic scenery of Tasmania and gain insight into Oroton's new-season collection, equipped with luxe travel bags and women's outerwear.


Words by Natasha Inchley
Photographed by Adam Gibson
Videography by Joshua Lamont

With its breath-taking scenery and exquisite hiking trails, Tasmania proved a haven for our intrepid travellers, who came to escape the bustle and immerse in Oroton’s new-season inspiration.

It’s day two, and our tour focuses on the walking trails surrounding gorgeous Lake St Clair, an especially pristine part of the world known for its deep glassy waters. The surrounds are like no other.

Carmen Hamilton, one of Oroton’s guests, says: “The scenery is so picturesque – from the snow capped mountains, to the beautiful lakes and lush greenery. It's super relaxing and hard to believe that such an escape exists only a short flight away from busy Sydney.” (Naturally, her walking accessories are on cue: Hamilton says, “I love the versatility of Oroton’s belt bags – they have come in very handy for our activities, and I also love the timelessness of the canvas tote.”)

Here are some of our favourite hikes from our getaway in Tasmania:

– Blue Peaks Track

– Lake Explorer Track

– Lake Fanny Track

– Split Rock

– Quamby Bluff

For more information on hiking trails in Tasmania visit www.discovertasmania.com.au