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How to Care for Leather



Start With A Quality Leather Conditioner:

It’s essential to protect your bag’s leather from day one. Our Oroton Leather Conditioner is a specially formulated cream made with tea tree oil to condition all types of smooth leathers. Use it regularly to give your handbag a protective layer, which also helps to nourish and add gloss. Note: we recommend testing on a discreet area prior to overall use.


Safeguard Against The Elements With Our Water & Stain Protector:

Rain can be such a dampener, quite literally. Oroton Eco Water & Stain Protector is a fine spray that protects handbags, wallets and any accessory made from leather or fabric. The fine spray repels water and dirt, while still allowing leather to breathe. Again, always test on a discreet area first, and we recommend spraying three light applications prior to wearing, air-drying in between spritzes.


Buttery soft leathers are part of our heritage, and we take enormous pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our accessories. Here, a guide to their different textures and characteristics and how best to take care of them:

Pebble Grain Leather is a thicker and supple leather which is exceptionally durable thanks to its wonderful pebbly-grain finish.

Care: Dust the leather’s surface and use Oroton Water & Stain Protector regularly. Oroton Leather Conditioner can also be used to remove stains and maintain the condition of the leather.

Smooth Leather is a smooth-surfaced, full-bodied leather which is known for its suppleness and gorgeous soft feel.

Care: Apply Oroton Water & Stain Protector and use Oroton Leather Conditioner to lift surface dirt and light scratches. Smooth leather will develop an aged appearance over time and the colour may also darken with wear.

Saffiano Leather has a very distinct, embossed crosshatch pattern on its surface, which is particularly durable, and near scratch- and water-resistant.

Care: Use Oroton Water & Stain Protector initially and then apply Oroton Leather Conditioner to buff out any marks.