Travelling Bags - Oracle Fox X Oroton

Creative director of Oracle Fox showcases her favorite Oroton travelling bags and discusses what sparks her creative imagination in an insightful interview with Oroton.



Photographed by Natalie Mckain
Creative Direction by Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox
Words by Natasha Inchley

How did you become so passionate about art and photography?
“From an early age my parents could see that I had a love of all things creative, my mother would actually place colouring pencils and paper in my cot, I just loved to draw.”

Your brand is multi-layered, tell us about the philosophy behind Oracle Fox?
“When I began my site, it was really just a side hobby and a place for me to store my inspiration. The growth of Oracle Fox was very organic and I think from that I was able to start to collaborate with creatives outside my local community. When I’m creating work it always comes from an artistic side, there is always a thought process behind everything we do and a meaning. I like to treat my site and my social media as a platform to be a visual storyteller.”

Travel is obviously a great passion, how do these journeys inspire you, and how do you immerse in a new destination?
“Travelling to faraway places and destinations that I haven’t been before evokes new ideas, and I find being surrounded by people who are immersed in a completely different culture allows you to see things differently, and therefore be inspired with fresh ideas.”

How would you define your own personal style, and how does that shape and influence your work?
“I guess that I’m a little bit of a paradox as I have always been a bit of a tomboy at heart but I do love a structured skirt or a dress. There is definitely a mixture of masculine meets feminine, and when it comes to selecting typically feminine pieces such as skirts, dresses or blouses, I usually go for something with structure.”

What caught your eye from Oroton’s latest collection and why?
“This collection for me had a beautiful sense of luxury even though the pieces are very wearable. The colour palette is soft and clean for summer and I love the textures of the woven cane and soft leathers. I feel as though this collection sums up the mood of summer style and you could pack any of the beautiful bags, scarfs and earrings in your suitcase for a vacation anywhere. Every single piece would elevate your outfit to a whole new level.”

And your tips for styling these pieces for summer?
“It may seem so simple but I always believe that when you have a beautiful bag or a pretty pair of earrings, that it should be the focal point of your outfit. Summer for me is all about dreamy white dresses or simple soft tailoring and there is nothing better than finishing off this look with a beautiful handbag and a pair of pearl earrings. Soft pastels and sheer fabrics are also big again this season and I feel as though the colour palette of this Oroton collection beautifully compliments these current summer trends. I like to just wear one earring as a statement or even two earrings in the one ear and nothing on the other side. Scarfs look very cool wrapped around the handle of your bag, this is something we’ve seen quite a lot of on the runway in recent times. Cute little shoulder bags can be worn simply across the body, or if the strap is adjustable you can even use them as a belt around the waist to finish off a blazer.”

When it comes to packing a concise traveling wardrobe, which pieces are you drawn to? What will we always find in your carry-on bag?
“You would think that by now I would have my packing down to a fine art, and even though these days I’m much better at sticking to my luggage allowance, it still can be a challenge. There are certain items that I never travel without. I love to pack a blazer on every trip, even if it’s a beach holiday. I love to belt a tweed blazer and wear with jeans. All of my outfits generally have a focus on accessories and anyone who knows me understands that I have a major obsession with earrings, bags and shoes.”

Looking back, what do you pinpoint as the secret to your success?
“I’ve always believed in being true to who you are creatively.”

What was the inspiration behind your story for Oroton?
“With travel being a big inspiration behind a lot of our work right now, we felt as though we could photograph this project in a way to evoke the feelings and freedom of a beautiful summer holiday. We were very lucky to utilise the beautiful Byron Bay location Rae’s On Wategos, and the white stucco walls and interesting architecture set a mood that felt luxurious and dreamy.”