How to Master Minimalism with Sara Crampton

When Sara Crampton recently worked OROTON’s relaxed trousers into her wardrobe, it became a talking point around the design studio not just because she had zeroed in on a signature style that the team had spent weeks shaping and perfecting, but also because Crampton is a well-known minimalist; her edit is something of a big deal when it comes to zeroing in on ‘forever’ pieces.

“These pants are classic, they’re high-waisted with a relaxed leg, exactly the kind of shape I gravitate towards. And they feel good,” Crampton explains. That feeling is everything right now. Here, the founder of The Undone shares her thoughts on optimism and building your wardrobe with confidence (and concise editing) in mind.

You are known for your elegant simplicity, your love of neutrals and your very considered approach to dressing. Can you share your philosophy:

“I definitely took my time to land on a personal style. When I was in my early twenties, I experimented with different colours and trends but they never really felt comfortable. I eventually worked out that I felt my absolute best and most confident when I was dressed in classics and neutrals. Now it’s been a decade of dressing that way and when I look back on my style I can’t really pinpoint the seasons – and that is the whole point. Timelessness.”

Do you believe that certain clothes can give a woman more confidence?

“That whole idea of building a timeless wardrobe is something I really believe in, and I know it helps a lot of women [who follow my style] to feel more confident in themselves. I remember when I made the decision to pull back the way I dressed, it was at the height of the street-style movement which was all about capturing the attention of photographers and editors. To me it felt a bit like a circus and a ridiculous thing to try and wear clothes just for the sake of being noticed. It reinforced the idea that it was better to stick with what you felt comfortable in. It takes a bit of trial and error until you find the silhouettes that suit you, but you know you’re onto a good thing when you get dressed in the morning without thinking about your outfit. Your clothes shouldn’t be a complication.”

Back to the relaxed trousers, and what do you like about the shape and how will you wear them?

“I typically love a summer dress but I’m drawn to these Linen pants – they feel cool, relaxed, easy, comfortable yet structured and polished. I think if you’re going for a pair with a higher waistline I’d recommend a tuck to define the waist, or alternatively an open shirt with a singlet layered underneath to add texture to your look. And when it comes to neutrals, I suggest finding a great beige that suits your skin tone and then building in black and white around that.”

And lastly, how are you keeping your spirits up and staying motivated right now?

“I am a big believer in taking long walks to clear the mind. It’s also about getting out of your track pants and making an effort each day – so that when you do go for that walk and bump into someone it’s not going to be traumatic. I’m lucky, too, in that I have a wonderful partner and the silver lining in all of this is that we get more time to parent together and be together as a family.”

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