Oroton — Sunglasses Guide for Face Shapes 2021



Focal Point: How to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses

There’s a lot to love about sunglasses – their polish and versatility, their camouflaging ability. But if the past year has taught us anything in terms of fashion investments, it’s that idea that these kinds of confidence-building accessories are as essential as, say, a well-tailored suit or wear-everyday jewels. They should make you feel good. So what does the upcoming Winter season have in store for eyewear? Read on for our guide to the ultimate statement-making sunglasses that best suit your face shape:


More than ever, our fashion choices should link to a sense of personality and strength – they’re the mood-boosting accessories that can elevate your style. With that in mind, and to ensure the best fit for an oval face shape, we recommend sunglasses that are proportionate in length with the broadest part of your cheek. A handy rule is to measure across the widest point of your cheekbone and then choose your frame symmetry accordingly. We’d recommend The Oroton Ellis Sunglasses.


Typically, a heart-shaped face is distinguished by prominent cheekbones and a narrow jaw, which suits a myriad of options – we recommend winged frames such as the classic cat’s-eye shape or oval sunglasses that are slightly angular, helping to draw attention to the eyes and accentuate strong cheekbones. For those who have a particularly narrow jaw, opt for frames that widen at the base of the lens to give the illusion of width. We’d recommend The Oroton Jordan Sunglasses.


Complement striking features with round, narrow frames that have a slightly widened outer edge. These elegant sunglasses contrast with sharp-boned structures and work to balance a strong facial contour with softer lines. We’d recommend The Oroton Harper Sunglasses.


Round face shapes are equally wide through the forehead and jaw with fuller cheekbones. Here, it’s best to balance your facial structure with sleek angular frames such as square sunglasses – the bolder the better. We’d recommend The Oroton Stevie Sunglasses.


OROTON sunglasses provide high protection against sun glare with premium Cr39 lenses to offer the best clarity, durability and 100% UV protection. Additionally, our frames are Rx-able allowing standard lenses to be replaced with prescription lenses. To make this adjustment simply visit your optometrist to arrange a fitting. To ensure a comfortable fit with your metal frames, gently adjust the nose tabs to ensure your sunglasses sit evenly across the face.



Each pair of OROTON sunglasses comes with a complementary protective case and special soft cloth. OROTON also stocks a collection of sleek Sunglasses Cases. We recommend applying a small amount of lens cleaner and gently polishing each lens before storing your frames. OROTON frames come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


For further details about Oroton sunglasses and eyewear care, please see www.oroton.com/product-care/