In Conversation with Jamoo Founder Georgie Vicars



Australian surf, sixites style, and a love of vintage beach wear: Georgie Vicar's colourful childhood is a constant inspiration for her unique designs. Renowned for its innovative approach to upcycling, Jamoo breathes new life into vintage towelling found around the traps, transforming them into one-of-a-kind beach and resort wear.

The masterful use of colour and print, informed by towels collected from around Australia is quincentennial to the Jamoo design DNA. Armed with a degree in textile and industrial design, Georgie sees each retro towel as an artefact of bygone time and place, and sets out to turn it into something for the next generation to find joy in. In anticipation of the Oroton x Jamoo collaboration, we talk to Georgie about travel, inspiration, and her plans to study in Copenhagen.


The Oroton x Jamoo collaboration is exclusively available at the Oroton Bondi Beach store.

Where does the name Jamoo come from?

"Jamoo is the nickname of my sister Jemima and 'Jamooing' is the verb given to the process our studio engages in daily: the sourcing, experimenting, weaving and stitching of an endless summer using terry towelling and cloth."

How did the Oroton x Jamoo collaboration come about?

"As part of Oroton's commitment to a more sustainable future, the brand reached out to Jamoo to see if we would be interested in joining forces. The idea was to create a capsule collection using previous season's towelling and our vintage Jamoo towels."

What are you looking forward to the most about this partnership?

"The Oroton x Jamoo collaboration was an incredibly exciting opportunity for Jamoo to work with an iconic Australian fashion brand. To be afforded the creative opportunity to reimagine how materials can be worn and presented has been a very rewarding and important challenge."

What inspired the Oroton x Jamoo collaboration?

"The Oroton x Jamoo collaboration was inspired by this idea of creating a bridge between the past and the future. The design challenge was bringing Oroton towels harmoniously together with vintage retro towelling in a way that does justice to both textiles. It needed to have a balance between the sophistication of Oroton and playfulness of Jamoo. The technical restraints of these particuarly textiles inform a lot about my design decisions."

Can you talk us through the new collection?

"Each item in the collaboration is one-of-a-kind, bringing together the unique patchworks of vintage towelling and the colours of Oroton's past-season towels. It's a limited edition collection with two sizes for each product. No two pieces will be the same, everyone will have their own unique Oroton x Jamoo item."