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Oroton Jaime Dillon Ridge dusty pink suit with  Oroton drum bag



Creative entrepreneur Jaime Ridge who successfully founded SAUSSE, a global product sourcing service for fashion and interior connoisseurs, sits down with Oroton to discuss how she keeps motived within her daily routine.

In your own words describe what you do?

I am a creative, focusing largely in the realm as a stylist - yet completely agile within my work; which leads to a wide variety of roles and projects. While I have my hands across many projects at a time as a creative, I also am simultaneously at the helm of SAUSSE. Formally founded earlier this year with my business partner Sarah Jayne Kavali. SAUSSE is a global members only product sourcing and image consulting service for fashion and interior connoisseurs.

What's your favourite everyday ritual?

My morning ritual is undeniably my favourite. I start my day with my phone off and in my bedside table. I wake up, shower and either walk, hike or play tennis. When I arrive home, I shower again, run through my skin and body care ritual, get dressed and make a coffee. Only once all of this is done do I open my laptop, turn my phone on and begin my work day. This allows me so set myself up for the day ahead, feeling fresh, set and clear minded.

Oroton Jaime Dillon Ridge dusty pink suit with drum bag

How do you stay fit and healthy?

In terms of exercise, I play tennis at least three times a week and walk or hike every other day. However, I really do miss my pre-covid Reformer Pilates and Barry’s Boot Camp classes. I take supplements by The Beauty Chef every morning followed by a series of vitamins. With regards to my diet, I loosely follow the 80/20 rule. I try to maintain a mostly plant-based diet which is easier as I don’t eat meat. But there is no denying that I do indulge in a gluten free sweet treat - possibly more often than I should.


What positive have you taken out of 2020 and living through Covid 19?

To take a step back and appreciate many of the things I took for granted.


Any quotes you love?

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude’ - Maya Angelou


What's your favourite Oroton piece this season?

I’m loving light suiting like the Double Breasted Blazer and Pleat Front Pant in Dusty Peach. Also, totally lusting after the Jerome Linen Bucket Hat in Lemon Curd. It’s so hard to find a chic but timeless sun hat, however this one is just perfect.


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What are you streaming right now?

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet. I’m actually watching this incredibly eye-opening documentary for the second time, as there is a wealth of vital information to absorb.


Do you collect anything?

Clothes, shoes and handbags. Although I try desperately not to over consume. I’m a very considered shopper, I invest in timeless pieces that I know I’ll have forever.


When we can all travel again, where will your next holiday be?

European Summer in the Amalfi Coast, or skiing in Aspen in the Winter - depending on the time of year.


What's in your bag right now?

/ Reusable linen mask
/ Refillable Aesop Hand Sanitiser
/ Chanel La Crème Main
/ Votary Natural Lip Oil
/ A Slip Silk Scrunchie
/ Apple Pencil
/ Apple Air Pods
…nothing terribly exciting!


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