OROTON X Kristin Brett

Meet Kristin Brett, the Sydney-based makeup artist and new mother to 9-month-old baby Rydr. Here, she shares her edit from OROTON’s latest Resort collection and the secret to achieving fresh-faced beauty when you’re hurrying out the door.

Can you tell us about your career path and how you came to take up beauty direction?

“I moved to Australia 10 years ago from Estonia. One of the first friends I made here was a makeup artist, and I just couldn’t believe that you could work in beauty, the industry was nothing like it is now, there was no Instagram or YouTube back then. So I enrolled in a course and started assisting on shoots wherever I could. It was really important to me to get as much experience as possible, to work hard and prove myself.”

Can you tell us about your approach to beauty when you’re on set with OROTON?

“I absolutely love beautiful skin and helping people with it. I think when your skin is not at its best it can be quite debilitating, so the majority of my work is about creating a very beautiful natural look and is very skincare focused. When it comes to working with OROTON, I think I share a similar approach to beauty – it’s all about clean and natural, and enhancing your own beauty in a way that’s right for you. I use the collection’s colour palette as a highlight each season, sometimes that means adding a dab of colour to the eye or a bold red lip to bring out details in the new collections. It’s a wonderful creative process and always so inspiring to see Sophie [Holt’s] collections come to life.”

Any tips for how we can recreate the look at home?

“Firstly, I recommend making sure your skin is really clean by applying a mask, particularly if the skin is dehydrated. I might go over the T-zone with an exfoliating mitt, and then add a serum to your cheekbones and the areas that we can get away with a little more shine. I then apply two types of moisturisers: a thicker one on the side of the face, lighter on the T-zone. Then I just use a concealer on any spots and a little mascara right on the root of the eyelashes. I always finish by fluffing up the brows with a brush, and a little bronzer creme on the eyes and a colour tint pressed on the lip. It should feel clean and fresh.”

Can you talk us through your edit from the OROTON collection, which pieces were you drawn to:

“I chose the beautiful slick leather jacket, it is a real statement piece. When I get dressed in the morning it very much depends on my mood, so I feel this jacket is an easy way to elevate your look, transform a little. The suit is also wonderfully versatile – I can dress it up or down, you don’t have to think about it, it makes you look super polished and pulled together. Now that I have a baby and less time in the mornings, I feel it’s more important than ever to pay attention to what I'm wearing, to ensure my clothes are working harder for me in the sense that I shouldn’t have to think about pulling a look together, it should be chic and effortless, and I want to feel good in what I’m wearing. I think I achieved that with this edit. And then for accents, I chose a big bag because it is just so chic and practical in my life right now, and the bracelet as a beautiful addition to any outfit.”

Lastly, how are you striving to strike a balance between work and life as a new mum?

“I wish there was a secret, you definitely cannot control your life in the same way you used to. Having said that, I am being much more selective with my work and really enjoying this time with my son. I used to work seven days a week, now it’s three or four days, and it has been an absolute joy to soak up our moments together.”