Autumn Fashion | Yan Yan Chan AW19


Words by Natasha Inchley
Photographed by Lester Jones
Styled by Freddie Fredericks
Hair and Make up by Samantha Patrickopoulous

Inspired by art and nature, the Sydney-based photographer and digital editor Yan Yan Chan takes her favourite new-season accessories into the garden – proving that fashion should, ultimately, be chic, fun and carefree!

What ignited your love of fashion and design?
My love began with photography – I studied photography and film at school, and used to spend my lunch time in the lab developing photos I’d taken of my friends, which is how my blog came to fruition. One day I stumbled upon some works by Annie Leibovitz and from there, my interest in her images opened up the world of fashion photography to me.

How would you describe your style and how does that creative aesthetic shine through in your work?
My style changes depending on where I am – I am super influenced by my surroundings and the films I watch. I love experimenting with colour: right now I love anything that reminds me of the Mediterranean, of it’s citrus tones and the pastel colours that reflect the ceramics from the restaurants I’ve eaten in. When I think of Asia, I think of bright neon signs from night life and, the colour red, and then Australia is burnt orange, rock formations and bushland.

Which pieces did you zero in on from the new season and can you share your tips for wearing them:
I love all the pieces that incorporate rattan. It takes me back to the peak of summer spent on the coasts of Italy and Spain. I love anything that I can take to the beach and then on to dinner.

Nature is a recurring theme in your work. How do you take inspiration from being outdoors?
I love being outdoors surrounded by wildlife and nature and I thought it would be so special to translate this combined with inspiration from the beautiful Oroton Autumn Campaign, The Botanist into a shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. It was a nice reminder, that even though we live in the city, we’re still capable of having those quiet and peaceful moments if we make the conscious time and decision to do so.

How do you define true style:
It’s about authenticity!

Lastly, as you look to the future, what else motivates you and what are you hoping to explore?
I think we are so lucky to live in Australia, we have the most amazing lifestyle and I wouldn’t change a thing about it – but while the lifestyle is so good, I think people tend to create and learn the best when they’re uncomfortable and pushed out of their comfort zone. And, I want more of that. There is a lovely quote by Jonah Lehrer, which I keep coming back to: “We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything”.

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